Pleasure Demolition

CF + Angela Gardner

Pleasure Demolition, 2016.
Letterpress on various Kraft papers (recycled envelopes, shopping bags, flourbags), thread, pole.
Edition of 2.
Two poems from the 2009 series ‘Notes to Architects’: ‘Pleasure Grounds’ and Demolition’.
c250 x 200 x 30cm  (dimensions variable)

This work may look like a sculpture, but it identifies as a kinetic book, generating new readings as it performs. These images are taken at a number of different installations.


2016 Libris Award, Artspace Mackay
2017 Nonesuch Art on Paper Awards, Nova Scotia & Montreal, Canada.


‘Caren Florance’s Pleasure demolition is transfixing. The suspended brown paper sheets with a hand printed letterpress phrases from poetry by Angela Gardner are animated by the flow of air and movement in the space. Forever moving, the oscillation of the pages becomes a machine for the generation of concrete poetry… phrases twirl and merge, poetic moments where new meaningful/less messages materialise.’ Doug Spowart

Love the hanging aspect, the words, the different typefaces, the brown paper speaks to me; Fun; I love it; Speaks to me, inspiring; Beautifully made & creative & inspiring.‘ Crowd feedback from the Nonesuch Art on Paper Awards



Angela Gardner has worked with Caren on other projects: Of Sky and Swung Weight (2012); Interference (2014); Working Papers: hone/torrent (2015-17); and the future, unimagine (2017).

Gardner is an award-winning poet with four books: Parts of Speech (UQP, 2007), Views of the Hudson (Shears-man, 2009), The Told World (Shearsman Books, UK, 2014) and Thing&Unthing (Vagabond Press, 2014) as well as two fine press books twelve labours and The NightLadder (both lighttrappress 2009). She edits at and is a visual artist with work in both national and international collections.