Every work, and each moment of the work, puts everything into question all over again…
Maurice Blanchot (1982 [1955]: 87)

Caren Florance

aka Ampersand Duck

Caren Florance works creatively with text and print in many different ways, but mostly through the book form.

Dissatisfied with traditional publishing relationships, her PhD at the University of Canberra (2013-18) explored collaborative experiments with poets and poetics using a range of analogue and digital print processes. Her interests include:

  • the history of the book and the contemporary role of the artist book
  • print culture and its intersections with creative culture
  • materiality in visual art
  • the influence of technical processes upon writing and visual expression
  • print-performance  and page-performance
  • glitch, error and accident
  • the intersection of analogue and digital processes

Caren is a sessional lecturer of book arts, typography and graphic design. She teaches her students to use the book form to augment their practice, not dominate it.

She works predominantly with relief printmaking, both press-based and hand-printed. Other forms of mark-making find its way into her work, particularly via revisitings of old technologies.

Ampersand Duck is an umbrella for many activities. It sometimes publishes in partnership with Recent Work Press.

Caren’s latest studio is called Shift\\Print. It is a customised 40ft shipping container, housing a Vandercook SP-20, eight cabinets of wood and metal type, and a half-restored Albion iron handpress. It is currently situated in Canberra, Australia.

Caren is a member of the University of Canberra’s Centre for Creative and Cultural Research. She is a sessional lecturer for the ANU School of Art & Design’s Printmedia & Drawing Workshop. She is an Accredited Professional Member of Craft ACT, and a member of the Print Council of Australia, the Bibliographic Society of Australian & NZ, and the Canberra Craft Bookbinders Guild. In 2018 she is one of two  Critics-in-Residence at ANCA Gallery, Canberra.

Curriculum Vitae

Visual Arts CV: Florance_artCV_180112

Academic CV: Florance_CV_180207